All rental payments can be made through your personal Tenant Cloud account at https://www.nexusliving.com/tenant/tenant-portal/

Please call Nexus Real Estate Services promptly at (763) 561-9070 with any maintenance requests. Your home has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any maintenance issues prior to your taking occupancy. However, we do not live in the home and therefore will not be aware when you have a future maintenance concern unless you tell us. It is 100% your responsibility to report maintenance issues.

Here is a list of items we want to know about immediately:

1. Mold (within 48 hours)

2. Drippy faucets, drippy pipes, or “running” toilets (within 48 hours)

3. Moisture where there should be none (roof, under the sink, etc.)

Maintenance requests can also be online here

• Applicant must have current photo identification and a valid social security number.

• Applicant’s monthly household income must exceed three times the rent. All income must be from a verifiable source. Unverifiable income will not be considered.

• Applicants must receive positive references from all previous landlords for the previous 5 years.

• Applicant may not have any evictions or unpaid judgments from previous landlords.

• Applicant must exhibit a responsible financial life. Credit score must be a minimum of 600.

• A background check will be conducted on all applicants over 18. Applicant’s background must exhibit a pattern of responsibility.

• Applicant must be a non-smoker.

• Occupancy is limited to 2 people per bedroom.

At landlord’s discretion, compensating factors such as an additional security deposit or co-signer (guarantor) may be required for qualification if Applicant fails to meet any one of the above requirements. In the event of multiple applicants, tenancy will be granted to the most qualified, based on the above criteria.

You can read more about the qualifications for renting here.

Visit our listing page that details each of our rentals. Each rental has a link to apply for the property! Easy, peasy.

Each person over the age of 18 who will be living in the home must complete and submit a separate application and processing fee.
In order to qualify, each person must meet or exceed the minimum standards for qualification.  Incomplete applications will not be
processed.  Applications containing false information will immediately be disqualified. Please expect 1-3 days for the application process.
Processing the Application will include direct contact with employers, current landlord, previous landlords, friends, personal and professional references, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, consumer reporting agencies, public records, eviction records, and any other sources that may be deemed necessary. A consumer report will be used in the processing of all applications.  Should the Applicant be denied or face other adverse action based on information received in the consumer report, the Applicant has a right to obtain a copy of the consumer report, and to dispute the accuracy of the information it contains by contacting: Fidelis Screening Solutions, 4534 Clinton St, Suite #2, West Seneca, NY 14224, Phone: 888-877-8501, Fax: 888-887-1491.

After approval, if tenant will not be taking occupancy within 24 hours, a non-refundable Deposit to Hold in the amount equal to one month’s rent will be required within 24 hours to hold the property until a mutually agreed upon move-in date.

The maximum amount of time a rental will be held is 14 days.  After all move-in requirements have been met and a lease for the property completed, the Deposit to Hold will transfer to the security deposit to be held throughout the tenant’s entire tenancy. If the Prospective Tenant fails to provide the Deposit to Hold within 24 hours of approval, the home will be offered to the next qualified applicant. Should the Applicant elect to pay the Deposit to Hold with their application (prior to processing), the Deposit to Hold will be refunded in full within 14 days if they fail to qualify.

After approval and before occupancy will be granted, Prospective Tenant must supply all the required move-in funds, including the
security deposit, first month’s rent, and any other additional deposits and fees, all tenant paid utilities must be transferred into Prospective Tenant’s name, and a lease must be executed and signed by all parties.

Rent is always due on the 1st of every month. Rent payments must be paid in full at all times to avoid a late fee. Past balances are considered rent due. For example, if you owe a balance in addition to rent, on the 1st the full amount is due, with the payment being applied first to the previous balance. For example: if on June 15th you were billed $41.50 for a maintenance repair you were responsible for, and on July 1st you only paid your regular rent payment, your rent payment would be considered $41.50 short.

Rent is due on the 1st of each month, and it is solely your responsibility to be sure your rent gets to us in time. You will need to plan ahead to be sure you pay your rent on time. We understand that sometimes you may need a little more time; therefore, we give an additional 5 days’ grace period each month for instances when you cannot pay by the 1st.

If you do not pay your rent by the 5th of the month, this is what to expect:

• On the 6th, $50 will be added to your total due.

• On the 6th, you will be given Eviction Notice, at which time you have 3 days to pay your rent and late fees in full, or you will have to move.

• On the 7th, an additional $10 will begin accruing each day until your rent is paid in full.

• By the 10th, if we have still not received your rent payment and late fees, you will be evicted.

What’s Going to Happen if You Are Late with Rent

• It gets expensive! Plan ahead to avoid costly late fees.

• Eviction will be filed on you immediately.

• When you are evicted, it goes on your permanent record, and it will be extremely difficult to find another home to rent.

• When you are evicted, you are billed for our attorney’s costs.

• When you are evicted, you create a substantial monetary judgment against you, which if remains unpaid is sent to a collection agency. This negatively affects your credit score and credibility.